You try to satisfy me
Fill me
Smother me with love

But your efforts are fatal
I'm still empty

Still hurt..
By the past
By how you used to treat me

You say your love is unconditional
but why does it turn into anger?

And you say I deserve it..that I need to be punished..
For doing something wrong
That hurt you
That shattered you

But I want to do it again
and again
and again

Till your heart is bleeding and can't be fixed
Till you see and understand how much you scare me
I want you to feel my fear
like cold..broken teeth
Inside your throat

Where you're unable to speak when I come near you
Unable to move because the tears are stuck
Prickling the back of your eyes

I want your pulse to quicken

I want my name to strike fear into your soul
I want you to lose sleep

You'll toss and turn

I hope my blood stains your hands
And you can't get rid of it