This is the blurb from a short story I wrote. Check it out if you'd like x:

red. red was the color your lips wore when i met you.

orange. orange was the color you hated, it reminded you of the day you lost everything.

yellow. yellow was the color you were so picky about, it always had to be bright when ever you saw it.

green. green was the color you loved, it was how you left your mark.

blue. blue was the color you're bright eyes were. like the sea, anyone could get lost in them.

violet. violet was one of names of your favorite book characters. she was imaginative, like you.

pink. pink was the color of your bracelet. i gave it to you and vowed to wear it until the day you die, and you did.

black. black is the color i wore to your funeral.

white. white is the color i imagine your big beautiful wings are.

now all of these colors remind me of you.

At the time of me writing this I was going through a rough patch but I still treasure this story since I dedicated 2 years of my life writing and rewriting it despite it just being a short story. it isn't meant to bring sadness but to express my pain in a story form so I could move on. my internet best friend came up with the blurb idea and I wrote it in my words.