I spnd a lot of time in YouTube & in Twitter . Trying to get noticed by my favorite youtubers and watch they videos. Sometimes when I'm sad or feeling lost I watch theri videos hours & hours .

So ....

^ 1st is "Dolan Twins". I know them 2-3 years I think . I can't remember how I start watch their video . No , I think because of Cameron Dallas . He was the first american youtuber I start watched . Yeah that's how I learn them... My dream (wish) is to meet them . For me it's important to hug them or see them or have a conversasion with them . They made my day everytime I need them .

^2nd is "Cameron Dallas" Well when I was in high school I saw one of my classmate to draw his names so I asked her who was that guy you draw his name and she told me to check his YouTube . Then I wasn't knew english so I was just like "Yes" whatever he was saying I was like yes whatever . laugh Now I know him better & want to meet him too . I think he is a veryyyyy good model and Cameron just keep doing whatever you do. He is crazy and he will stay forever young .

` I have and so others youtubers I like a lot but these 3 are my everything . If you want idk I you can , tell me yours fav youtubers/vlogger etc.. `

That's all about my fav Youtubers .. I know it's terrible but I wanted to try this new thing weheartit done btw I LOVE IT . Keep make this site BETTER THAN IT IS . I love this site .

I'm sorry if i wrote smth wrong:( .. X