If you're like me, you read a lot of series (dystopian, fantasy, sometimes contemporary) but here is a list of my favorite standalone books with maybe a companion novel but not a series. This list is compromised of books from the last 2 years

5. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein

(Part of the LOTR series but you don't have to read it as part of the series) I've always been a fan of LOTR since I first saw it so I finally got a hold of the whole series and decided to get the full experience and read the Hobbit before hand. It felt a little slow to me since I watched the movie and was just waiting for the main parts that I remembered but I eventually got into the details that weren't in the movie and enjoyed it just as much. Having the background will make reading LOTR way more enjoyable.

4. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A more popular story of a boy that is confronted with a monster in the middle of the night to confront him about the truth he doesn't want to face. Of course the monster is a tree so how scary can it be? When it is trying to make you come to terms with the scariest aspect of your life at that time it can be. Really deep story that made me cry which I don't do much for stories but I recommend it 100%.

3. Strands of Bronze of Gold by Jane Nickerson

This one is based off the bluebeard folktale and if you don't want to know the folktale before reading it then of course you don't have to. I read the folktale and still enjoyed the story. This one is historical fiction set in the 1800's however it's a very modern adaptation so it isn't boring like some historical fictions can be (I am not a fan). But I really adored this story.

2. Confess by Colleen Hover

Cutest. Romance. Ever. I personally have never been able to really like any romance contemporary because they are corny but the storyline behind this one brought me in and and it is still my favorite by her. I have heard Colleen's stories can romanticize toxic relationships so I am iffy about reading her other books but maybe I'll get around to them if I feel like I can take it.

1. Making Faces by Amy Harmon

This is my favorite contemporary book as of now. I read it last year and it has stuck with me since. It has a spiritual component to it. Looking to God for help, questioning faith, etc. If you do not enjoy reading that you may not like this book. I personally enjoyed the faith aspect a lot along with the actual storyline and character development.