I have opposite feelings about this school year; this is my last year of highschool and before it even started I'm stressed out as hell.
I will spend all those nine months seekign informations, visiting universities, in meetings and in school obviously because I have to study to get my " BAC".
I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to fail and that I won't get my dream job and have to do another year in highschool. All those meetings and visits are alo a huge thing for me, because despite being a real b*tch sometimes ( sorry for the bad word guys) I am really shy and I have trouble speaking for myself. This is why I'm SUPER stressed out.
But on the other hand I'm excited and I know I'll have trouble to fall asleep tonight. I have only a year to spend time with my friends before we all go in separated ways. I'll also make new friends, discover new things, learn new things and even if my future is scaring me I'm also excited for that.

Now that I'd finish talking about myself; I wish you good luck guys, if you're in highschool, college or middle school, I'm sure you'll do well.xx