You were on a date with your handsome boyfriend, Junhui. It was your fourteenth date, to be exact. You two had been dating for over a year and a half now, and every time he took you somewhere it still made your heart flutter like it was the first time. Tonight, the carnival was in town and he surprised you after a long day of work.
"Y/N, how about some cotton candy?" he asked, pointing to the brightly lit kiosk where fluffy treats were put on display.
You nodded, grabbing his hand before fast-walking over to the stand.
"One cotton candy and a soda please!" Junhui said, handing over the money.
"You really don't have to, Junnie." you said as you tried to snatch the money from the counter before Jun waved it in the air so you couldn't get it. Having a tall boyfriend had it's ups and downs.
"My treat." he replied sweetly.
It wasn't long before the cotton candy came out and you started digging into the cotton candy. But Jun and you began to grow thirsty, and there was only one drink. Jun stuck an extra straw and looked straight into your eyes as you both sipped on the soda.
"I'm so glad I met you." Junhui cooed, lifting his lips up from the straw.
And before you could even reply, he kissed you on the lips and slid a beautiful golden necklace across the table.
"Wha-What is this?" you asked, admiring the jewelry.
"Just a little gift."
"Little? Jun, this must cost over two hundred dollars!"
"Anything for my Y/N>"