so this is my first article on whi, and i hope y'all like it!!

basically, i have an obsession with aesthetics. mainly on paper, though, since irl i'm not the most aesthetic person on the planet, even though i do try.

anyways, here's how to be aesthetic (mainly on the internet)


for me personally, i like to group things into colors. basically, if you look at my collections, they all have a running theme of one specific color which really helps it to have that aesthetic look to it. if you look at instagram feeds, the ones that, in my opinion, look very pleasing to the eye all have one thing in common - a theme. yes, there's some exceptions, but definitely look to different studygrams for examples of themes.

some of my favorite themes include the minimalistic ones, pastel, and grunge. this is how i like to personally group these themes:

°˖✧ minimalistic ✧˖°
this has a lot of white space around it. it helps your mind fill in the blanks and there's a lot of pastel and neutral colors mainly. make sure to check my collection for more understanding on it!! plug plug also claudia's account, @thevanishingocean, is completely full of all things minimalistic.

°˖✧ pastel ✧˖°
this one's really easy and pretty much a given. this is just full of pastel colors, usually pinks, blues, and purples, that really tie the aesthetic together. an example of this is the 1975's album cover for "i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it." (also highly highly highly recommend listening to the album. 100/10 is one of the best albums out there).

note: it's not all grungy but it started out that way :')

°˖✧ grunge ✧˖°
this is basically the most recognizable tumblr aesthetic with all the girls wearing high wasted shorts/pants in general, dark clothes, and hands over faces. personally, i was obsessed with this type of aesthetic and omfg it's so beautiful to be honest. anyways, this one has a lot of haziness to the images and an aura of mystery. this is a great beginning aesthetic with which to start.

most of this is grungy, but not always whOOPS


personally, i'm not on the emoji bandwagon. i definitely prefer the symbols part. as you can tell, i used symbols to separate the different categories within the first tip. aesthetic, right? anyways, you can find a lot of those types of characters and more on although i do have to say, the unicode website has every single one, but it's kind of harder to look through the library since there's so many.

for emojis, i think there's a good amount that it doesn't look like you're some kind of f-boy or the people who like to spam instagram comments. of course, this is just personal preference, so don't get too salty if this is you. (plus rowan blanchard's instagram feed is full of emojis and it's gorgeous). i think usually 3-5 emojis at the most is a good amount for which to strive in a row. otherwise, it gets kind of annoying to look through a strip of emojis to understand a point.

personally, i don't like the face ones as much, but i'm getting back into the usage of emojis recently. anyways, the hearts, stars, animals and background ones are vvv aesthetic so use those ones wisely and strategically. i would definitely try and demonstrate the use of emojis but it's a lot of work just going to the emoji keyboard on my computer so i'm not gonna do that right now. (also i'm pretty lazy lol)


omfg quotes from songs and literature are so aesthetic i highly recommend to use those as well. they're perfect for social media bios and titles of different boards and writing. (e.g. pinterest boards, tumblr descriptions, wattpad books, etc.) make sure they're kind of short so that it's something someone can remember without thinking so much to remember each and every word you used. a sentence or two is a decent length for which to strive when you're looking around for quotes to use. pLEASE don't use too many inspirational quotes so that you don't look like a try-hard girl or guy on instagram. (ryan higa's video is a good reference for that lol).

letter casing is what i meant by "casing" for the section title of this tip. letter casing is basically whether words are lowercase, uppercase, or a mixture of both. here's a few examples:

°˖✧ lowercase ✧˖°

this is great when you're just talking normally. aesthetic people (i'm joking okay) like to use lowercase for everything. plus, it's a lot easier to type without having to press shift every time you're starting a new sentence.

°˖✧ uppercase ✧˖°

this is mainly used when you're introducing a subject or if it's a title of something. for instance:


there's a lot more usage for the uppercase letters in aesthetics, but that's a few examples. uppercase is also used when you're yelling at someone or fangirling. example:

[sees some something about riverdale]

yes, very crappy example, but at least you get the idea.

°˖✧ mixture of both ✧˖°

so this is more often used in text messages and blog posts when giving emphasis for something without having to change the format of italic, bold, underline, etc. the mixture of both was seen earlier when i wrote "pLEASE" to emphasize the "LEASE" part of the please. it kind of shows the rising of the voice. here are more examples:

yOu DoNT LiKe MEmEs

(i had to do the last one... that meme is great)


a lot of the fonts that are aesthetically pleasing are usually some sort of sans, sans serif, and script fonts. pleASE do not use comic sans unless you want to get yourself killed or you're making a meme.

the big tumblr font that everyone would know is helvetica. i downloaded it on i think but somehow it's not there anymore ??? i'm not really sure but you can finally find a place to download it unless it already comes loaded on your computer.

quote and words image
example of helvetica font

some other fonts i like include bebas neue, will & grace, lemonmilk, graced script, and october twilight. these are all available for download at


this kind of contradicts everything else i said, but this shouldn't be your top priority in life. it's something that should be fun and something you enjoy. you shouldn't stress out because your account doesn't look aesthetic enough or whatever. the beauty of aesthetics is that it's something that's pretty easy to do. plus, it'll satisfy not only the person looking at your account, but also you! the whole point of being aesthetic is for you to enjoy whatever you're doing and be happy with yourself and the content you produce.

that's it for my first article!! i hope you enjoy it.