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Anytime I hear someone complain about how long it takes to blow dry their hair, I always ask them if they are using a blow dry spray.

Usually the response is, “No, what is that and what does it do?!”

Blow dry spray is a product you spray onto damp hair to shave a bit of time off your blow dry. Depending on the product, some will offer other benefits like a bit of shine enhancement or detangling, but the general point is to cut that time down that you spend blasting hot air on your hair.

And it really really works.

Spray from mid shaft to ends, lifting your hair in large sections as you work around your head. Let it sit for a few minutes, then get to blowing dry. I notice a huge difference anytime I blow-dry without using it, and I’m certain you will as well.

Since we are talking about blow drying, I’ll share my quick process.

1-Wrap hair up in a hair turban.
2-After about 5-8 minutes, let my hair down and run my fingers through it to “comb” it out. If you need to use a comb, grab a wide tooth one like this!
3-Spray in blow dry spray and add any other hair products on top of it. I like to use this uplifing foam every day!
4-Grab a wet brush, begin to blow dry, and marvel at how much less time it takes!

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I’ve been using the L’Oreal Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray for a few months and have really enjoyed it! It does not leave a film of any kind on my hair, and seriously cuts down time I spend blowing dry.

Also? It’s $4.99 at Ulta. Skip a grande Vanilla latte one day and pick this product up!

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