Yes, of course I am uncertain about myself, about my body and even my personality. But I wouldn´t want to be somebody else. Every decision I made I made for myself and not all of them were good. Maybe not even the half of them but they made me the person I am today and that´s incredible. I don´t love myself but I can say that I am proud to be me, because all the things in my life, which went wrong and made me cry, made me stronger. So believe in yourself. You have to because you are your biggest fan and biggest supporter. So even if the whole world is against you, you can say : "Fuck you all!"
And that is a aim in life everyone reaches at some point. Some at 13 and some at 33. It´s your life, your body and your choice. But stay true to yourself. I know it´s hard, but it´s the best thing you can do. Don´t give up when everything goes wrong because believe me, I was at that point and I can say that all of this bullshit you´re going through will not bother you in three years anymore. And until then you have yourself and no one is better than you!

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