I feel extremely blessed of being surrounded by so many people, to get inspired by so many artists, to feel alive and to be able to breathe every day.

I feel blessed for what I have. We are sad so often because of the things we don't have, without realizing that finally, we are complaining about insignificant things compared to what we have. I am blessed I can paint, write or draw everyday. I can go out, move, do sports, feel free and good with my body. I can feel my body. I can embrace it.

I can look at people, talk to them, know more people every day or be alone, do my own things, feel free to do what I want.

I can be whatever I want because we all can do anything and reach anything we want if we work enough.

We want a different world but maybe we just have to wash our eyes to realize that what we have is a world surrounded by beauty.

We are the beauty, we are young, we can create deep relationships, we can live and embrace ourselves without caring of what others will think because it doesn't matter.

I know some people are dealing with some serious problems, but everything will be okay. I can assure you because I have been trough so many problems. And after that, every time you are happy, you say to yourself "Oh, I am too happy, something bad is going to happen to me." But you don't have to care about the future. If something bad happens, you can't prevent it. It's useless to worry. What is supposed to happen will happen. You just have to be strong. But I know you will be strong. Because you are a warrior. And warriors don't give up. They go trough it and always win.

But anyway, if you want somebody to talk to, you can send me postcard, or just send me a message on my IG (@artistic_eagle) or anything.

But remember: you are the captain of your life and you are the boss! You slay! Own yourself!