My only wish now is to bring you close to myself.
Kiss you on the forehead for accepting me for my true self.

That kiss is the only sweet thing I can do for you.
After all you have done for me in order to get through.

Every bad feeling that had me cornered.
When i got depressed and my eyes were blurred.

You came and created such an impact in my life.
That every sad string was cut as if you are a knife.

Whenever I was sad or i didn’t seem to smile.
“You okay baka?” is what cheered me up in a short while.

Just 1 year with you and I have become a much better man.
The reason why I feel grateful and tend to do everything I can.

In order to keep you happy and smiling till you live.
That’s why every ounce of love and care in me is what I give.

You are the reason I cry everyday.
Fast for you; only for you I do Pray.

“Who she is to him?” the world might think.
I’ll smile and reply instantly with in a blink.

“She is the one who lives in my heart.
She is the one from whom i can never stay apart.

She is the one who is so much more than a best friend.
She is my world with whom i want to be till the end.”