Hi guys, this is my first ‘’official’’ article and it’s about fall and all the things i love about it.
First of all, I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season. I love everything about it, the weather is getting colder, leaves are starting to change color, burning candles at home make it more cozy and the clothes….. I mean, Oh My God!! Big sweaters, jackets, boots, scarfs.. I can go on and on about these stuff but this article is not only about them.
For me September is time to make a new start. Set new goals, make changes in my life.
Autumn is here and remind us the change. Changing your lifestyle, your routine is something to begin with. Trying to get up earlier so you can feel the cold breeze, holding a big cup of coffee with a burning candle next to your bed. Listening to soft music while you are sitting at your couch and reading a book or working on your laptop. Go for a walk on a rainy day so you can feel it in your skin.
Fall is an extraordinary season and is here, so it is time for us to enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy my article and if you want to tell me your thoughts about fall and all the changes that comes with it feel free to send me.
Thank you all!