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Basically, this is a list of everything I need to buy sometime this week that will help me with school or just personally.

The List

Lip Gloss - preferably one with helpful oils like mint, coconut, and rosehip. My favorites are Broadway lip glosses and Ruby Kisses

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Tea - If you read my "what am i even saying" article then you know that i love tea so I will be stocking up on mint and chai tea for this school year.

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Earbuds - because you can't survive school without them.

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Green Glitter - a must have for my planned homecoming look.

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Oil Blotting Sheets - to help remove that annoying shine from your t-zone so that people can't see their reflection on your forehead :)

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Red Heels - also a homecoming necessity

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A Small Makeup Bag - quite self-explanatory

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Pens for Bullet Journaling - cause a bitch got her first ever bujo a couple days ago

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Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works - smelling good is part of looking good

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Lush Face Masks - for sunday recuperation

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Nature Valley Sweet n' Salty Bars - because snacks are ESSENTIAL

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Candles - for calm study sessions

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Oversized sweaters - because you can be comfortable and cute while in school my dears

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LOTION - ashiness is not welcome

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Hand Sanitizer - school is gross

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The Wrap-Up

I hope this school year is amazing for everyone and that your GPA's are at 3.7's or higher, that your friends don't turn into snakes, that the fuck boys stay fucked, and that your smiles never diminish. Well, this was fun, toodles.

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