''Don't look into in my eyes and lie again,i'm sick being alone,your shaking your words and your face,seems like something is up strange scent is all over your body,maybe you felt guilty at my guess,i caught you off guard and you're so out of it,your story keeps changing here and there,what's wrong with you?
Let go of my hand,don't lie to me,i was the only one who didn't this something,i clearly feel it,must be something,your obvious lies,it's over,nothing it's something,stop,that rainbow inside the gray skies,the saddly crying piano.
it's over
Don't try gain love so easily,don't regret you deceived,and made a girl cry,you're up 'till there,bye bye bye,out,it's over,was the love i gave to you a joke? Were you sick of the love i gave you? i don't want to show you the tears,i held back,was the love i gave a joke to you? Were you sick of the love i gave you? Are we over?