You know what? I could pretend that I don't miss you and that I've already forgot you and found someone new. But that would be a lie. So I'm gonna be honest with you. Even though you are probably never gonna read this text.

I miss you. I miss every second that we spent together so fucking hard. Because of you and because of me. Since I probably was the happiest with you and because the smile I wore was the brightest. You made all of my days perfect and you made me feel like I'm the happiest girl alive.I miss your midnight texts and our stupid little conversations (that actually meant everything to me). I miss the way you used to tease me and how I was able to be the best version of myself when I was with you. But now, whom do I tell my stories to? With whom do I text till late at night? You used to tell me basically everything about your life. I always knew what you were doing and how your day was. And I opened up to you too. I told you everything about me. Everything was perfect, but that's not how it works, right? Every beginnng has an ending and this one was pretty terrible. Why did you leave? Why did you have to break my heart into a million little pieces? Why did you let my feelings for you grow bigger and bigger everyday? You said you were sorry but that doesn't make it any better. You played with my heart and boy, you broke me. There are so many questions left unanswered and I guess I'll never get an appropriate answer to all of them. But I sorta hate you right now. I'm so disappointed in you. I hate that I still have feelings for you and that a part of me will always care for you.
xoxo N

Guuys this is my very first article. I really enjoyed writing it and expressing my feelings. This letter means a lot to me. I've written it to someone who had really hurt me. But of course he should never ever read this. However maybe some of you can relate. It's really the worst feeling when you get rejected for no particular reason. For example the boy likes you but he's not ready go get engaged in a romantic relationship.So he decides to break off contact with you. And you have to get over him but deep inside of you, you know that maybe if he would be a little bit more courageous you two could have worked out. Goodbyes hurt when the book has been closed but the story isn't over yet. So for all of you who are going through something similar; You're gonna get trought it, girl. Maybe it'll take some time but it's gonna get better. You don't need him or any other boy to feel fullfilled. Your're gonna do your thing cause in the end all that matters is YOU. Love you guys, thanks for reading my article and this to be said: I'm not a native english speaker so I'm really sorry if my english it not always correct.