I know that my person isn't so important for anyone elese but me. It's normal. We are humans so it is in our nature to be selfish. Still i'll share
with whoever is interested yo find out things about me.

I am a 19 years old girl. A dreamer. I love cats, photography, travelling and home design. I like spending time in nature. I am listening any type of music (Right now Levi ft. Giusi-Rain, a song for my soul. I don't know why i love this song but it's one of my fav since may. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryu6wxe6lm0) I do have a boyfriend (3 complicated years and still counting <3).I really love him with all my heart. I am a student and i hope to be an engineer. My bf is my twisted twin, but she wants to be a therapist. I love Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl, but to be honest i am a series freak :)). I read, but the book should catch me in the very first moment. I am in love with autumn, but spring brings me back to live.

This is all for now. See ya and hope you'll <3 me.