*Check out our website www.womanishblog.wixsite.com/blog * Being "in love" at a young age is hard. Being heartbroken at a young age is even harder( we have a post about young love and is it possible coming soon to our "Love" section of our blog ;) ). Being a heart broken teenager is diminishing to your thoughts, personality, your day to life, etc.- or maybe that's just me. At the age of 17, my senior year of high school, I had my first boyfriend and also at the age of 17 I had my first heartbreak- from my first boyfriend. I felt horrible, I didn't feel like myself and things only got worse from there and my heart was broken even more (let me know if you want a full story time on that). But girls, ladies, being heartbroken at our age is possible and don't let anyone tell you different. With time and constant positivity, you will heal, things will get better and you will come out a stronger, better person than you were before. Down below I will list some coping mechanisms that helped me during my heartbreak and things I wish I would've done... hope some or all of the things might help you too. xoxo
Deleting Social Media- this is a tool I took advantage of. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram- DELETED. Deleting these apps may allow you to focus on yourself at the time rather than being consumed in what others are doing.
Listening to Music- Any music, your favorite genre, anything to help ease your mind. Music has always been an escape for many going through a hard time.
Cry- Simple, your feelings are hurt, cry it out baby girl.
Look up Positive/Motivational Quotes- Seeing positive words that promote positive behavior can't be so bad. Maybe even make one of them your background as a constant reminder.
If severe, go to Therapy- If you're having dark thoughts and having ideas that you don't want to have or just feel so overwhelmed to the point where you can't help yourself, talk to your parents or guardians about booking a therapy session.
Hang Out with Friends- Take your mind off your ex by hanging out with people who have your best interest in mind.
Go Outside- Explore, adventure, breathe fresh air, admire nature.
Turn off your phone- If deleting social media is not your thing, turn of your phone. Disassociating yourself from the social world for a while may prove to be beneficial so it's just you and your thoughts.
Isolate yourself from anything that would remind you of your ex- If you and your ex-ended on bad terms or you just don't want to think about him, remove pics from your room, put the teddy bear in the closet and just don't have any constant reminders.
Exercise- Get your aggression and sadness out at the gym and in return, you'll be getting fit!
"If it's meant to be... it will be"