Hellooooo beautiful thanks for stopping by !
Soo a lot of people want to make friends on here but yknow it can be scary or give you anxiety or even feel awkward because okay,you said hi.what now tho??and i know this bc SAMEEE UGH THE STRUGGLE
so I just wanted to let every person that reads know that if you want a friend,somebody to help you,somebody to listen to you rant,somebody you can fangirl with,for anything!! just send me a postcard !!
do not hesitate and yknow what?we don't have to make it awkward we don't have to start it ''hi how are you'' honestly I don't know you but I will 10/10 talk to you like we have been best friends for years lmao ,you're pissed off?its 1000000% OKAY for u to send me a postcard being like ''ughh im so pissed at michael'' and imma be like ''ugh what he do now?'' or if you're a hardcore fangirl and want a fangirl buddy just as crazy as you,i am down!! or if you just need to talk about feelings or rant i stg its absolutely okay for you to send me a message just randomly talking about the universe,heartbreak etc...like... deep conversations?where even tho we're strangers we got each-other's back but we still strangers so if any of us judges we can just ignore it because we probably live on different sides of the planet anyway?I.AM.DOWN.YAS.

I got you.Anytime.

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