You walk through your hometown in Switzerland, feeling like it was the best day in winter, but As you noticed everyone else was in a sour mood for some reason. You tried asking around of why the people you knew were in a sour mood. They all had different reasons like their partner cheated on them, had a huge argument, family problems, and so on. You thought this would pass,but it didn't. this went on for a week and a half. It was getting close to the annual festival that always brought people together and in a good mood. So you volunteer to help plan the festival which really you were the person who kept giving the team you were working with hope and joy. People around the town used to know you would be in a sour mood and be negative, so they kept asking you questions.
Why are you in a good mood while you are surrounded by negativity or why are you so happy now?
You kept responding with you will see if you come to the festival that was in 2 months, so the closer you got, problem kept showing up like no music, food catering wasn't available, the hall you were having it in cancelled on you, and there was no other hall in town. You kept losing hope, but you kept going on, trying to find alternatives. You spent 2 days trying to come up with back up plan and you didn't sleep because you felt you needed solve it. After those two days, you had to meet up with your team,but before going you decide to go get a warm drink and something to eat. As you waited for your order, you overhear a conversation happening next to you.

"Leon, How can we get our product out there to the people of this town?" one voice said to the man in front of him
"I don't know how-"
"Sorry to interrupt, but you need help with your product?" You asked
"Yes," the man said "We are one of the new restaurants in town, but no one has really came in to eat our food so we want people to try our food."
"Well, What would you say if I asked you to set up a booth for the up coming festival," I asked "How about that?"
"That would be nice, but how would you be able to do that?" asked Leon
"I am part of the group that is planning the festival and we need food."
You discussed further with the two men and agreed that they would provide food for the festival. So you met up with the team and you pitched an idea of vendor selling their food or merchandise to those who went to the festival. Your team took a while, but they agreed so you went from each gift shop or restaurant asking if they would sell food or their merchandise at the festival and you just needed to be there along with your own custom booth, many agreed and you figured out part of it. You still need a place to have it, you were walking around town, trying to decide where then you came to a little group of musicians playing by the fountain in the park. You sat down on a bench and listened to them for a while before going up to them and asking if they would perform at the festival,, they agreed so the next thing you went to go do was asking the local radio station to provide a sound system for the festival. By the time, you came back to your team and they were talking about something, Alan, the president of planning came up to you.
"What did you do?"
You gave him a confused look before he showed the paper of volunteers which were only a few people at first, but now it was a bunch of people.
"They kept coming up and volunteered to help, how did you do it?"
All you did was shrug and continued getting ready for the festival. (Lets time skip)
Now it was only 11 hours to the festival and it snowed the night before, making the town roof tops and ground covered in snow, but volunteers woke up early to set up. You dressed warmly and went to the park to be greeted by all the volunteers. You thought; Damn that is a lot of people. You all started setting up the booths along with tables and the stage. Due to all the volunteers, you were done in 7 hours so every went home to get ready. When it was 5:30, you went down and was greeted by all these people waiting to get in. When time came to opening the gates, the fun started. Everyone was laughing, dancing, socializing, eating, and shopping; it seems you did well, you kept walking around to see all the smiles. A little later, Alan got everyone's attention to make an announcement.

"Is everyone enjoying themselves?" Alan asked everyone who let out a cheer. "That's good, I'd like to give thanks to one person who helped the most to make all this possible, (Y/N) (L/N), they helped the most to get the food, entertainment, and location. They were giving hope through all the negativity and kept on smiling, They got you all out here to celebrate with each others. Come on up here, (Y/N)."
I walked up there and applause along with cheers greeted me up on the stage, I made a speech, thanking all those who helped and who came, I cried a little when I was given some flowers and all the thanks from people.
"Now let's get back to the fun!" I cheered and everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. I sighed and smiled, I kept walking through the happiness with my hometown.