Being undercover in a high school is hard enough, oh and i'm 15 in the STUG & I go to Johnson High School. Where an Hispanic American spy has been sent. I've been training ever since I was five this and never stopped.Oh and before I forget i have to go to this school to protect him from the Hispanic cartel gang el pollo loco . The government sent me because, well they said because i have potential ,but I know its because i'm a mixed hispanic and i'll get along with him. Racist much but hey at least they picked me. I'm a lesbian and the mission states no love interest. This was gonna be hard. As i walked in the school kids were staring not at the fact that i was new but at the fact that i didn't look like the other girls.I aw this one girl when we locked eyes i knew i wouldn't be able to get her out my mind She was a dyke/stud and she had dark hair and wore glasses and her style was so nice and she had Dominican but mixed with something.

Sorry it's short i've been busy with school and writing the story, it will be longer next week i promise, oh excuse cover image making the actual one