To the one who made me who I am today. To the one who almost broke me. To the one who left me wanting more. To the one who was my drug. You are the ultimate bad boy. You always knew what to say. Always left me wanting more. You were like a drug. When I was with you I always felt super happy but the next day when I was away from you I crashed. Hard. It was a never ending cycle. You took me whenever you wanted to and I didn't care that you were using me. I lived for your looks, sweet words, kisses and touches. You never once asked me how I am. It was all just a game for you. You were the hunter and I was your prey. Your touches and kisses were like fire for me but I could feel the pain only after you've left but when you reappeared the pain went away. It took me a long time to realize that I deserve better, someone who doesn't play games. Now you're just my past. But thanks to you I went from not respecting myself to respecting myself so thank you for that. I hope that you find happiness and love but I hope for the sake of myself that I find it first. Goodbye my destructive love. I hope to never fall for you again.