Hi guys so this is my first article, and is basically about things you can do and try this autumn, hope you guys like it!

Part 1


*Spend the night with you'r friends
One of the most amazing and probably scariest times of my life we're when my and my friends would go around town and explore abandoned places, I am someone who is scared of every parallel activity but just being with my friends make it so much interesting. They scare you and make up so many things that you even forget why you we're scared in first place. After all of this you gays can go home and watch movies drink tea or hot chocolate, you can even decorate room with some blankets and fairy light and spray them with sweet pumpkin or sugar spray or light up some candles.






While you are taking photos you can see so many things,you can try finding the best spots, you can play with leafs and set up perfect photo position, take photos of pumpkins, bugs or anything that makes you happy.


*Find time for yourself

It's important to find time for yourself and relax with coup of hot tea and read a good book. While you read you can go in you'r own world and imagine you'r dream characters and perfect place. Or you can just light up the candles make some popcorn and put you'r favorite movie.

~XOXO ❤︎