So most people have been in a situation where they have NO idea what to pack and they probably waited until the day before, at least I know I sure have done that more than one. I'm writing this so you all don't have to go through the stress of waiting until the last day or not knowing what to pack.

Depending on if you are traveling in a car, a plane, or a bus some things you will need can vary. But there are definitely essentials that can be used for any kind of trip. There can also be different kinds of things you need to pack or leave behind, or depending on where you are traveling to. I'm just gonna cover the basics and maybe in a different article write about some of the other things to bring.


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I'm sure not everybody has a cute suitcase. If that is the case a duffel bag works too, and there can also be more room with a duffel bag.


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If you have seen my food collection on Whi then you will know that I love food

and there is no exception when it comes to traveling. Just keep in mind that when stocking up on your food supply that salty foods make you want to drink a lot of water and that will lead to lots of bathroom breaks.

Comfy Clothes

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Basically you can wear whatever you want, but I seriously recommend legging and an oversize t-shirt. It can be dressed up or dressed down, or athlete short are a good trade if the weather is warmer.

Phone and Charger

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So one thing that you don't want to forget is your phone charger (most people don't forget their phones), but a portable charger is also a really great thing to have when traveling.

Pillow or Small Blanket

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Just a small pillow, blanket, or bot for sleeping on the trip.


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It's better to have money on you while on a trip to buy things such as souvenirs.

Anything You Can't Live Without

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Basically anything that was left out that you can't leave or live without such as

  • Passport
  • Makeup
  • Things packed in bag
  • Purse
  • Ect.

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I hope this helped with any packing that y'all will do in the future. Have a great trip.