God if I'm ready
Ready to explode
But in a good sense
A good way
Not hurting
Not destroying
Not decaying
But shaking off this feeling of numbness
I would be a restoring explosion
A healing process
And I feel this energy that comes in waves
That grows gradually, kindly, as a tide

animal, forest, and free image

I breathe deeper, to quench my lungs
I hear the ribs expanding
With the air filled of sunshine and vital energy that comes from below
My feet, my legs are an extension of the bursting ground beneath
I'm playing folk
I let the sun roast my skin
Heal my hands
I want soft rain and gentle wind through my hair
I want to laugh truly
Shake off this numb static blood
Let new one run through my blue veins
I want to write songs, dance, run around
getting stronger along the run,
Hold others' hands and smiles
I want to let my energy reach the others
I'd like to see them becoming me,
me turning into them,

forest, feet, and kids image

I have the urge to move,
to walk miles in a garden, green, full of flowers
I want to walk on a beach with the wet sand under my plants and let the fresh water lap my ankles
Let the inner deer discover
Wandering through nature
Happy part of everything
Maybe it is the spring making me like this.
A mystical creature that wakes up after a petrified hibernation
Strong, full of lively energy
I can't even stand still
I'm ready to blow up
Every inch of this body
Of this universe
I feel everything
I'm everywhere
Ready to shake the earth,
the sky
and everything that was me yesterday.

flowers, summer, and field image

|Sarah Lynch|