Hello people! If you check my canvas or my collections you will now that i love reading as much as i love coffee. So, i have decided to start recommending books that are number one on my library. Since as i have already mentioned it is fall season it seems only appropriate that first on the list is Harry Potter.

Image by Honey Akx

I really love Rowling's writing and every time I read the books I feel like i am part of Harry's world all over again. Plus, it is always refreshing to read Harry's adventures, it makes you feel like the series never ended!

My second favorite book is Dickens's Great Expectations.

book, charles dickens, and edgar alan poe image

I love everythin about this book. I like the way Dickens shapes his characters and how much he tries to make Pip hate Estella and he despite the fact that she is horrible to him, is always there. He has true feelings, throughout the play that either betray him or in the end fulfill hie expectations.
That's it for today ladies and gentlemen. I'll soon come back again! Enjoy your week!