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Today I'll be talking about my favorties TV shows at the moment. I'm constantly watching netflix during my free time (that means at night) and I'm basically a big fan so I might as well share my recommandations with youu


I have no words to describe just how truly amazing, heart-wrenching this is. It's in Norwegian but please don't let that stop you, there are subtitles out there. You'll fall in love with the characters, the language, the country, the scriptwriter (love you Julie)...
It helped me open my eyes and my mind on subjects like islam, religion in general, friendship, bipolarity...
I even started learning Norwegian lol jeg snakker norsk

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If you don't fall in love within the very first episode who even are you like this is so good the scenario is unpredictable (most time), there's so much suspens, action, romance... Don't start watching if you even need to wake up the day after

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Jane The Virgin

First off, this show is so f***ing funny like what the hell. There's this narrator in the background who comments about everything that happens and it's hilarious. At first you think it's going to be a normal show but then murders start to happen and you're like "okay I wasn't prepared for that but please give me more"

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How can I not mention Skins ? To be honest I didn't watch the last two seasons #notsorry because I was too attached to the previous characters. But the first four seasons are insane. You need to watch it even though it's probably the saddest show I've ever watched.

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tbh the quote on that pic is way more relatable to me than it should

The Bold Type

It's new and OMG just go ahead and start watching because it's way too good and underrated. The subjects that are broached are serious and concern all of us but it's still funny and not overly dramatic (hello 13 reasons why). Just give it a go

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That's it for today

but I'll certainly make another one later when I discover new shows. I couldn't just mention enverything in one post lol

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I also want to thank you so much, my number of followers have grown more in the past 4 days that in the past 3 years so that's insane thank you so so much

Don't forget that YOU are loved no matter what they say

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