First of all, I love autumn and I can`t believe that it is already September!
This year is almost over and what I have done this year? Nothing.
Does someone feel the same? But that is not why you`re here. You are here cause you probably wanted to know some things that i have fell in love with. (I put a few links)

- Velvet high heels, especially like these (see the photo in the link)

- Small bags with pom poms

- Jaymes Young
He has really good music- you should check him out

- Big cardigans and sweaters

- Biker jackets

- Corgies- cutest dogs in this planet

- Mom jeans- So comfortable and they will definitely fit for everyone

- Vampire Diaries - I have loved tvd for couple years already so it is not really a new thing but i had to put it in this list

- Autumn- Candles, blankets, colors in the nature and much more!

- And obviously I love my family!

- Säde -

(And sorry english is not my first language)