I know sometimes it's hard to understand, to be aware of His presence. It's like our brain can't imagine, it doesn't know how is it when someone cares for you not every other day but 24/7, it's hard to realize that someone (God) cared for you before you were even born.

Man, how is that possible?

But, then, again, I think, wait, my God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. My God is almighty. My God is with me. My God cares for me. My God loves me even when I hurt him with my sins. My God died for me. My God died so I could live forever. Forever in His presence. How great is that. It's beautiful. It's something no one has done for you ever but your God.

And He loves you, oh, yes He does. If you needed someone to tell you that, well, right now I am telling you that your God loves you. He gave His life for you, so you could live. Everything you have is His. He gave you all of Himself.

How dare I even say why can't I have new Adidas shoes when I am healthy, when I have family, when I have God.

When you have God you have everything. And all this beautiful things like clothes and makeup it's just big bonus God gave you because He truly wants you to be happy.

And if you're thinking while reading this: "Yeah, right, I don't even have clothes, makeup, and I'm not healthy...", then sister I am telling you to pray, go to Holy Mass, be patient and listen. Listen carefully what God has to say to you. And don't worry, we all have our little problems, our little crosses that follows us through life. You're not alone! He is with you!

St. Teresa of Avila said that God is so big you can search Him your whole life.

God bless!