Hello Everyone!

Today is September 4th and it means that autumn has begun!
I know many of you are sad, because the summer is over, but I think it is all about attitude. This season can be beautiful, if you want to be beautiful!

I gathered some points for you and I am sure you will love this season by the end of the article! :)


rain, autumn, and city image

This time the weather is not so warm and not so cold. So it is the perfect temperature. By the way, feel thet fresh cold wind on your face is great too.

Autumn chill

book, autumn, and candle image

In rainy days just sit down on your favorite place in the house while have a big cup of hot chocolate or your favorite tea, light some candles with your favorite scents, get yourself a blanket and just relax! It is so cozy, isn't it?


autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, organize Halloween costume parties, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories and watching horror films. There are so many activities wich are very entertaining. Just enjoy it!


pumpkin, fall, and autumn image

Pumpkins are very tasty! You can make delicious cakes, drinks. Of course, it is the best time to make Jack-o'-lanterns. Only your imagination can stop you.

Fallen leaves

Temporarily removed

You can take road trips with your friends or just alone when it is autumn, because this time everything is so beautiful and colorful!

It is the best time to be illegally ill

coffee, sweater, and autumn image

Yes, it is true! You know, if you are ill in summer, everyone looks at you like you are an idiot, because...Being ill in summer? It is nonsense! But in autumn or winter, so in the cold seasons, it is more normal! ;)

To sum up, this season is so beautiful and if you want, you can love it! ♥

All pictures from here!

P.S.: I promise, that in the end of the autumn, I will show you my own pictures about this wonderful season. :)