autumn -

  • fiery, brightly colored leaves littering the sidewalks
  • the fresh spice in a toasty cup of pumpkin spice latte
  • cushioned feet wrapped up in fuzzy socks
  • pumpkins, squash, nutmeg
  • the thrill of Halloween and costumes, a night of cloth-wrapped ghosts and plastic decorations
  • the aspect of winter and snow, of an upcoming white Christmas and presents under the tree
  • flickering candles perfuming the air
  • fuzzy sweaters that drown you in mile-long sleeves
  • fall decorations: leaf garlands, auburn wreaths
  • a homey, family thanksgiving with heaps of food and smiles for ages, getting drunk on happiness and pumpkin pie
  • the sharp bite of wind nipping at your cheeks
  • zipping up your jacket against this wind, a shield of warmth against the tiny invisible daggers
  • tall riding boots or furry boots crunching over vibrant leaves
  • a steaming cup of hot chocolate that feels like a trail of delicious fire down your throat

that's autumn for me :)

Autumn ... the year's last, loveliest smile.
- William Cullent Bryant
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