with autumn quickly approaching, it seemed only appropriate to make a list of the things i love most about my favorite season. some you may love as well, some are just for me.

the weather

the weather always seems to be somehow perfect, even though it also seems to be different every day. my favorite autumn days are the sunshine-y ones, with the sun glowing through the red and orange-leaved trees. they're perfect for going on walks or playing in the leaves, or going places like local festivals, farmers markets, or apple orchards. but even rainy, dreary days are nice because the scent of leaves seems to make up for it, and the rain makes for great background music for a movie marathon, or a day spent reading. what more could you ask for?
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every october my mom plans two big hayrides. one for family, another for friends. everyone meets at my grandparents' farm for a big early dinner, and then we jump on the hay wagons and ride all the way to an orchard to get donuts and cider. they've done it yearly since before i was even born. it's one of my very favorite memories and symbols of fall.

the colors

this one's a given, but still necessary to include! autumn is my favorite season for basically this sole reason-- the colors are incredible. and the slightly overcast days somehow make for great pictures. i'm really into photography, and the colorful leaves can be used to my advantage! they're great pops of color if the day is dreary or the sky is completely overcast. and with no direct sunlight, it's as if the clouds are natural light filters, and i love, love, love it. plus, the colors are just great to look at.
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the food

now, let's be real for a second. you probably love food. and let's be even more real: the holidays are the best times for sweets and some good, home-cooked meals. thanksgiving is quite a bit down the road, but this category is still (very) relevant. this is when the soups and chili's start. the warm and cozy meals that make you feel warm and cozy inside. and we can't forget the candy corn, cookies, pumpkin muffins, or pies, of course. and the special treats, like caramel apples, donuts and apple cider, hot chocolate, or anything pumpkin spice flavor. the classics.
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the baking

although this plays into the food, i thought it deserved its own 'category', just because baking is so much fun and one of my favorite parts of autumn, especially with family relatives or friends. my favorite person to bake with is my aunt christine, but i bake a lot with my mom, or even with my friends when they come over! we like to make games out of it, too; like who can decorate the most cookies the fastest, who can cut out the most cookie shapes with their given amount of dough, etc. it makes it fun, with a delicious outcome.
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the fashion

ahh! fall fashion is my absolute favorite. sweaters, skirts, tights, dresses, jackets, BOOTS, everything! i love it all! you can really mix and match your outfits. heavy sweaters with skirts, or a simple lightweight top with jeans and boots. the best part is being able to layer! start off with layers in the chilly morning, shed them as the afternoon sun becomes warmer, and add them as the evening gets cooler. a cute flannel or jacket, a scarf, belt, hat, bag/purse/backpack or something as small as a piece of jewelry can almost always pull together an otherwise simple outfit.
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the football

some of you may not be into football, but that's okay! because honestly, i'm not the biggest fan, either. but, waking up on saturdays in the fall have always been my favorite. my dad always cooked breakfast for all of us- his famous bacon and pancakes-, or my older sister would sometimes make cinnamon rolls. nevertheless, i always woke up to game day on the tv. football season also always makes me think of my older brother. it makes me remember going to his football games from when he was in elementary school through his senior year; spending friday or saturday nights in football stadiums with hot cocoa and concession stand snacks are honestly my favorite fall memories.
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the coziness

the coziness!!! the big sweaters, the scarves, the fuzzy socks, the blankets, the lights, the candles, the hot soups! winter is obviously the elite cozy season, but i consider autumn to be the "prologue" of the cozy season. it just gives you a taste. something about it just seems to be perfect for a nice day reading, or just to light a candle and put on some softer music while you do your day-to-day things. it's also a great time to bake something with someone, or relax by a fireplace or campfire with some family or friends. and fairy lights can always make cozy days even more cozy!! especially lights with a more yellow undertone, or just a lamp set on dim. it's a great time to curl up with your pets, significant other, or anyone- or anything- you love. stay warm!
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the camping and road trips

my family loves going on road trips during the fall simply because of the colors. and also the weather, and the fact that there's no pesky bugs! we always go up to my grandparents' cabin in michigan's upper peninsula, and take road trips wherever we want. this year my aunt and uncle are tagging along for our camping trip, and i'm honestly really excited about it. as cozy as fall is, being outside is also one of my favorite things- again, because of the weather! and it's always so beautiful with all of the colors. so, get outside! save the coziness for the mornings and evenings. ;)
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the little adventures

fall is my favorite time to explore with friends. mostly because there's great photo ops, but also because everything is chilly and cozy all at once. walking through forests, hanging around a bonfire. just having a good time. autumn makes it all so much more wonderful. besides, spending a wonderful season like autumn by yourself is boring. who says you can only have fun with friends during summer break?!
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the pumpkins

pumpkin picking and carving!! (if you buy your pumpkin from a store, i'm judging you. you need to go to a pumpkin patch for the real autumn experience.) picking your pumpkin can sometimes be the best part. carving is pretty fun, too. i've done pictures/scenes before, but usually i stick to simple jack-o-lantern faces because they're classic and really cute when they sit out as decoration.
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i absolutely love decorating for halloween. my dad loves to turn the entire front yard into a "cemetery". i love it all. i have little ghost and jack-o-lantern lights i hang in my room, and they're the cutest things i own. for the last few years, my sister and aunt have hosted a big halloween party, and i always help decorate. and we get pretty serious about it. and if you don't dress up, you have to pay a $5 entry fee, ha. i also love the movies! however, i'm not much of a horror person. my favorites are the more childish ones; hocus pocus, the haunted mansion, or the addams family. i just love halloween, man.
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guess that's all, folks!

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