I feel like I should say it's 3 am and that I can't sleep. That I'm tossing and turning, thinking about you. But really it 6pm on normal Monday evening when it hits me. I'm just sat watching tv, drinking tea nothing out of my normal routine of a weekday evening. But the realisation dawns on me.

I always make excuses for you. He just not ready, he does care he just doesn't know to show it, he been through a lot, he doesn't know how to open up, he never been loved before. Since the first day I talked to you, I try to showed you that caring for someone, loving someone, trusting someone, giving someone your heart is scared but it can always be one of the greatest things you do.

But you didn't want to know or try to, instead you entertain my fantasy of us being together. You may believe that we both wanted the same things, that we had future together, that I was your perfect girl.

It was all lies though, all of it. Every conversation, every hug, every touch, every kiss it was all lies. It meant everything to me and nothing to you.

You told me you couldn't imagine your life without me in it. How I made you the happiest you ever been. That you still wanted to spend time with me. But they were the biggest lies of all. Because you thought by saying it would help me with the pain that you didn't want me to feel, but really it was to help you not to feel bad about me having a broken heart again.

So thank you, for breaking me, for making me feel used. Thank you for showing me your true colours.

Yours truly,
The broken girl