HI everyone! I am going to share fitness/health/motivation tips here on my account. Hopefully you find them useful and inspirational. :)

Here are my main tips if you want to get fit and healthy.
1. SET GOALS.Start off with small daily tasks like going for a 30 min walk or doing some sport. Then set some long term goals like lose 2 inches of my waist or finish a squat challenge. Completing the tasks will make you feel productive and even more motivated, which makes you want to stick to it and you're less likely to give up.
2. FIND OUT WHAT MOTIVATES YOU.You won't always be motivated, and sometimes you'll have to push even when you feel like you don't want to, but a new pair of gym wear or a new playlist will surely motivate you to kill your workout. WHI is full of fitspo photos and quotes, set one as a lockscreen or a wallpaper, take a notebook and write down the reasons why you started... there are many ways to get motivated, just stay consistent and keep in mind that good things take time.
3. MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES.We live in a world where junk food is in every corner, it is hard to resist the temptation. But if you really focus on what you want, you will have to start, step by step, making healthy choices, for instance, instead of a piece of chocolate go grab an apple or a banana. By making healthy choices you will feel more energized and happy throughout the day. Gradually, you will be eating clean and actually enjoying it.

Those were my three tips for you, I have so many fitness related articles in my head, so make sure to say tuned.
ReyG :)