I have always thought I would go to college after I graduated from high school. I thought, once I'm in my final year, I will probably know what I want to study. I was wrong. Time went fast and until this day, I still don't know anything. The past few months I began to wonder why I should actually go to college and realised the reason is because people expect me to. It's not because I've always wanted to or because I found a study that suits me. No. It's because society learned me to believe it's the only way to make a living. It's the only way to success. Well, it isn't. To me, success is about passion and personal development. Not about grades, jobs and money.

I don't want to limit myself by going to college to follow a study and let it take about four years of my life away. Four years of energy, four years of money and four years of more and more stress. And all that for a study to learn about a certain topic, while you can learn about all different sorts of things by yourself. I don't need a system for that. I will educate myself. I don't want to spend money on college just so I can get a degree, that might give me a job. I want to spend money, time and energy in things that I'm passionate about. I won't pay for information and learning that's already out there, instead I will jump into the deep, to gain experience and to create personal development. To learn about myself and this world. Even though I'm still not sure what I will be doing after I graduate, but now I do know what I won't be doing.

Think for yourself if you do something because you want to or because people expect you to do so.

- Luana Nadine