Recently, I‘ve been feeling very overwhelmed. Everything’s kind of falling on top of me it seems. I’m not sure what’s caused this; could be the fact that I’m starting college next week and I’m stressed or just that I’m on my period, I don’t know. But I think that in times like these it is important to cry, it is. Just because it acts a bit like a detox I guess.
A metaphor, you physically shed tears and with that, you’re bottled up feelings and worries flow out of you. Sounds emo right? But it is true, for me anyway.
I don’t cry at everything that upsets me or is too much to deal with, I cry when I drop a plate, I cry when I physically get hurt, I cry when I think too much, I cry when I think about crying.
If I drop a plate I might cry because it makes me think that I am incapable, even though I know I’m not and I know that when I’m crying, I just get overwhelmed. Whenever I trip on something, get stung by a wasp or stub my toe, I cry. And when people tell me that it doesn’t hurt that much, I already know that and part of me it just using my “injury” as an excuse and part of me thinks it actually fucking hurts and I should cry, and then I can’t stop. And sometimes, yes, I think about crying and cry. I think about the act of crying or the fact I haven’t cried in a while, and I cry, and that’s okay. It’s healthy, I think.

Love, Katelyn