this is the date when I first met him..

the cutest, funniest, smartest thing on this planet.. We looked at each other and I knew this boy will become important in my life.. we quickly became friends, everyone thought we were more than that.. but really.. I fell in love with him..

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He was my first love.. he had everything I ever searched in a boy, he was my everything, he was my whole heart.
we spent most of our time together, drawing, talking about everything that came up in our minds, he was always there for me and I was there too.. we told each other every little problem we had.. I loved him with my whole entire heart. I never felt that feeling before.. This was different..
his smile, laugh, voice, his smell, his hands, eyes, his little nose.. I loved everything..

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warm feeling was filling my body when I heard his voice or saw him..

My hands were shaking when I was talking to him or even touching him..

I watched him every day and fell in love even deeper..

When I was with him everyone were irrelevent.. nothing but him..

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I looked him in the eyes and felt like I'm in another universe.. I was drowning in his eyes and couldn't find the way to go back..

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He was the one I wanted, not any other boy.. only him..

And now... 4 years later.. 4 freakin years later I .........