I think I’m very exaggerated sometimes.

I usually think that for starting up something, for example let’s say yoga, I need to know everything about how it was invented, with what purpose, where it was invented, learn how to breath properly, buy special yoga clothes, find the right place, etc, etc. Cause in my head that’s doing it the right way and otherwise it would just be doing it half.

You’re probably not as exaggerated as I am, but i’m pretty sure someone else is, and if we both are VERY lucky, that person could maybe be reading this.

Something switched in my head just a couple of days ago. I was caring so much that I just ended up not caring and started not giving a damn if I was following my schedule the ¨right way¨ on the ¨right times¨ which then brought me to feel like shit cause I wasn’t getting done stuff, and then from feeling shit I started awakening.

So I decided to just start doing stuff and then i’d just figure out everything else while still doing stuff. So I actually started yoga, and many other things I’ve been wanting to try, and it feels amazing to have started moving and learning, without planning it too much.

What has become really important now is that no matter what, I shouldn’t stop. Just continue to keep moving, cause I use to spend hours planning my whole week and really those hours could’ve been spent doing something else that was much more fun, cause if I was lucky I only got done maybe half of the list anyway. That method stopped working for me long ago, but I kept trying to maintain it. I mean, I know already what I have to do anyway, so what’s the point?

For you this could work, or also planning a week ahead, I don’t know, the point is to find a way that works for you, just remember to put a post it on your fridge about paying rent and buying groceries so you don’t forget and just get started, you’ll figure it out.