I loved her. By day. I loved her long brown hair that hid her beautiful face. I loved her eyes. Her big, green eyes were two pearls in the night. Her red mouth was part of her smile. Oh, God, how I loved her smile. I still don't understand. What do I see in it? Why is she so special? I can't figure it out. And after so many years, it's all the same. Years don0t change you. They help you to understand who you are, what you are and why you exist. Now I know. I live to love. To love her. That little, beautiful being. My angel. And let me be damned, but I know what love is. Love helps you get up from the dead. God, I'm alive. I am now alive more than ever. My heart is full. Just let her to be happy, because if she's happy, then I am. I loved her. I admit.