let's be real - life can be tough. I mean, it can also e a blast at times, but i'm not here to help you with those times. No. Heartbreak, school, mental health etc are all things that can have such a major impact on people's lives, and frankly, all of those things suck. This article may not hep you, hell, it may not even be read, but if it can even partially benefit someone then that sounds worth it to me.

heartbreak: I can't lie here, to me, this is the hardest thing to overcome. Give yourself time; some of the best advice i received when dealing with heartbreak was "give yourself a time goal". Give yourself two weeks to wallow in self pity, and then after that 2 weeks, get up and get on. Chances are they didn't deserve you anyway.

school: school can be hard. so much pressure is put on everything. Exams, studying, friends, popularity, the list goes on. Personally, I've never been that set on being popular; as long as I have a couple of friends I can trust, and who know they can trust me then that's more than enough. Don't force popularity onto yourself and surround yourself with people you don't like or who don't like you. And exams, oh god. We all know how important they are but what's more important is that you don't ruin your life studying for them - i promise it won't ruin your life forever if they don't work out. But you cant think like that, you cannot procrastinate and leave it all until the night before. Think about what those grades will give you, how any doors they'll open and how far they'll get you. No person does what they want to do with no hard work.

mental health; about 1 in 5 teenagers in the UK suffer with some form of mental illness, whether that's anxiety or depression , or something as debilitating as autism an down syndrome can be. There are so many ways to deal with all of things, but the only thing that i plead you to do is remember that you can move forward and you can improve the way you're feeling because believe me i know how hard it is. I beg you to talk to someone, and i know how stupid it sounds and however much you're thinking "they won't understand" they will. Don't try and hide it from your friends, i promise they'll tr to understand, and if they don't/ what are you doing with them anyway? Eat the chocolate you want, watch the how you want. You'll feel better if you prioritize yourself first every one in a while.

Thank you guys for reading this (if anyone actually did), and i hope this can even partially benefit someone.
ella ♡