Hi there!

This is my personal lookbook. These pictures are all based on clothing I really love and would wear. Underneath every photo,I'll desribe what I like about it.

Ready for autumn

fashion, style, and outfit image
I really like the combination of the kneelength skirt and the oversized jumper. I really like the classic bag as well. And I love the colour combination. In my opinion, it all fits very well together. The only thing I dislike are the shoes. I would wear other shoes.

Ruffles everyday

fashion, outfit, and bag image
I love ruffled clothes, and striped trousers. I also like the basic, simple sneakers. You'll focus your attention on the trousers, instead of the shoes.

Simplicity is the key

black and white, black skirt, and casual image
I own a lot of ruffles T-shirts because they have a basic colour, which is easy to make combinations with. But the ruffles put someting extra on it. So it isn't that basic.

Coat to go

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I really LOVE oversized, huge, classy coats. They are absolutely my favorite garment. My absolutely number 1. I have nothing more to say about that. They're just my favorite.


fashion, pink, and fur image
I love fake fur coats. I don't want to have a real fur. I only want the fake fur. But I really love them. I own about 5 fake fur coats. In different kinds of colours. They are soooo soft and lovely. You could cuddle yourself 24/7.

Everybody just needs a pair of superstars

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Everybody just needs a pair of superstars. They are easy to make wear with everything. And they are so comfortable. I own the ones that are white with black stripes, and the black ones with white stripes. I have one shorter leg than my other leg, and I am able to wear my special soles in these shoes. So they really are a must for me.

High enough

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I love highwaisted jeans. Since I found out these kind of jeans excist, I barely bought other ones. They are really comfortable and I can wear shorter tops or croptops without showing my belly.

No belt needed

dungarees, jeans, and overalls image
Dungarees. You might love them or hate them. I love them. I think they look good and in my opinion, they are comfortable. And you don't need a belt because of loose jeans. Because that's impossible with dungarees. They aren't able to slip off.

Collect things that are authentic to you

accessories, boho, and crystal necklace image
Just because I collect statement necklaces. They finish every outfit.

It's a match

Image by Kiss fashion
I love matching nailpolish and rings. I'm a huge fan of lots of jewelry.

No heels to high

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I love colourful heels that are matching to outfits. It's the extra thing to every look.

Ripped off

Image by Andy Olivero
Just because I don't like basic. I like ripped, cropped jeans, which make my legs look taller.

Bag to finish

Image by Mariana Pinto
I love modern, small, goodlooking bags that are made of a hard/solid material. In a nice colour, matching to the outfit.