1.The unicorn 🦄

patch and unicorn image

2.The diamonds 💎

patch and diamond image

3.The lightning ⚡️

colorful, electric, and etsy image

4.The cactus 🌵

cactus, pink, and aesthetics image

5.The Girls power 👑

patch image

6.The Good vibes

embroidered, etsy, and fashion image

7.The Donut 🍩

patch image

8.The Flower 🌹

patch image

9.The Hearts Gun ❤️

patch image

10.The Crystals

cluster, crystal, and embroidered image

11.The Video Cassette

patch, cassette, and pink image

12.The lipstick 💄

patch image

13.The GRLP #2

patch image

14.The Heart ❤️

patch image

15.The Swans In Love 💘

bridal, embroider, and etsy image