This is... neat...

This new feature is sort of amazing to be honest. We all know that a picture can mean 1000 words, but actual writing... Now that is something that really does mean a 1000 words.

Writing is great; it used to be one of my passions, back when I was naive and not sure of what the future held for me. I still don't know what the future holds for me, but I am not as naive. I like to think of myself as a realistic person. And realistically, you don't need to have a degree to write; I mean you need one to write well, but not one to write good. So the old Alex who used to write on everything about everything is long gone. Killed by the sudden realization that in order to succeed in writing I would have to be really, really, and I do mean really good. Also the fact that I am terribly unmotivated didn't help at all.

I am one of those millions- or billions- of people who start so many things and don't finish them. I've always been like this, so even when I was motivated to write, I usually ended up with a well thought out story plot and wrote maybe 50 pages before moving on to the next well thought out plot. My room would be filled with half finished notebooks, which is something that drove my grandma insane, especially because she had very clear instructions to not read them.
Which leads this pointless article in the direction of me not knowing what's going to happen.I have started many blogs and gotten bored after one day, I have tried writing poetry, I have tried keeping journals... Nothing holds my attention for longer than a month. Maybe that's because writing is not my thing and you'd think that after 15 years of this being proven true I would stop. But you see... I love writing. I do. I might not be the best, and my sentence structure might not be what a college professor would mark as acceptable, but I love it.

Being able to express myself is not something I am very good at. When I was at the peak of my childhood I was whisked away to another country with another language. I learnt it, far better than it's actual inhabitants, because I read. Non-stop. I would always have a 600 page book in my lap. It helped me learn the language because I could see the words, I could see how the phrases were structured, I could see how everything was spelt. At the beginning of what is legally considered adulthood, I got whisked away from this country whose language I had conquered and returned to my home country. Where the language was a stranger to me. I never stopped speaking my native tongue, but I lacked the ability to express myself like a college student. Many big words confused me, many small words confused me. Everything confused me. It didn't help that my life had become very busy so I couldn't just spend my days reading and relearning the language. I couldn't communicate with people on the level that I would have liked. I couldnt prove to them how intelligent I actually was. So writing... it allowed me to lay everything out. All my thoughts, be them good or bad. I learnt that my brain worked too quickly for my tongue to work, but not for my fingers. I found a way to express my feelings, and thoughts, and it helped.

I wasnt writing well thought out plots to stories that would never, ever have an ending, but my feelings. I was writing about what was important to me, and how I felt about certain subjects, and you know what? I had no limit. I could go on for hours.

This is why I find this neat, because I can use it for whatever floats my boat. I can write articles about the latest movie I saw, about my last meal I had, about my weekend. I guess you could say this would turn into a blog. And I think that's my goal in the end. But who knows if it will continue because like I said, I am a terribly unmotivated person.