Hi guys!
I hope you are all going well:)
So this is the second part of my first article in which you're going to know myself a bit.
I was talking about my passions and now I will go on

I love tacking pictures during my school trips, my journeys and also when I simply go out with my friends. I love spontaneous photos, so I always took strange photos of people in weird moments. But I love mostly tacking pictures of the paysage. I always look for unusual point of view and different sights.

Une photographie. c'est un fragment du temps qui ne reviendra pas

I love very much black&white photographies, they are so stylish, elegant and cute.

Favourite painters: Van Goh, Monet, Renoir...
I'm not too good at painting, but I love it and I especially love drawing I like visiting art galleries and going to exhibitions.

Art is to console those who are broken by life

Coffee is a must have of every morning, I can't stay "alive" without it.

But first coffee

Well, now you know a bit more about me and my passions.
I hope to have the possibility to speak with you and came to know you more!

Stay tuned for my next article