"I often think that the night🌑is more alive and richly colored
than the day⛅️"

Don't leave. please🙏. stay.it's nice to be in the dark🖤. night? you can relax a little. no brittle smiles. no air kisses💋.no sarcasm.forget the stress.the worry.the petty skirmishes.life is too short☜.too short for cruelty.close your eyes❄️

It's hard to wake up from a nightmare😖if you aren't even asleep😞

close your eyes👀in the black night🌑....store sweet and beautiful❤️memoris haret surrender yourself in front of splendid dreams✨

but without the dark🖤we'd never see the stars🌟

look at the stars⭐️⭐️⭐️look how they shine for you✨✨