Dear old friend or lets say player!

Thank you that you left me. It gave me the strength to be better and follow my dreams. Just because you saw me different doesn't mean that I'll come back to you. I wouldn't make this fault AGAIN. By the way what is different for you? Maybe to be prettier or to have the dreambody? Sorry you're late and you don't have a place in my heart. It's almost full with others. I mean with others my family of course!

If you read this wonderful article make sure that I won't fall in love with you again because I'm busy with following my dreams! Ohh.. wait I almost forgot it. Thank you for breaking my heart and my entire world. It gave me the energy to recreate it again and better.

Love you so so so much for giving me fake hopes! Your love is fake and your body too! AND SORRY FOR DIASAPPOINTING YOU! ;)