Hi Everyone!! 😊 ... I decided to write another Article, because...

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And this time I thought I'll write something about my favourite Fantasy Book Series The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout, which I discovered randomly and totally fall in love with 😊

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(These are two of the German pocketbooks) The English Titles are The Dark Elements - White Hot Kiss, Stone Cold Touch and Every Last Breath

Yep... the Cover of the books are very simple and do not tell much about the actual story (which is actually a pity - because I love Graphic design)...
I just want to say: "Don't judge the Books by it's cover" (first I did so too, but then I fell in love when I read them) 😉

What is the first Book (White Hot Kiss) about?

Everything Layla wants is to be a ordinary girl, but she is not - she is half Demon and half Gargoyle. Since she was little, Layla lives with a Gargoyle Clan which hunts Demons and protects the people of Washington DC. So, her whole life Layla tries to fit in, but she has to hide her dark side, which not even her friends know about. Except for her Gargoyle friend Zayne, whom she has always secretly admired. However, she also cannot get closer to Zayne, because Layla owns powers no one else has - with only one kiss, she can take a soul. Then one day she meets Roth, a tattooed and really attractive Demon who claims to know, who she really is - but can she trust him?...

This is roughly what the first book is about...I won't say more - Spoiler free zone 😇 😉

My Opinion

I think the story is a perfect mix of Fantasy and Romance, which is certainly nothing new (best example Twilight - nothing against it) but...
As often, it is not about a 'normal human girl' who meets a mysterious boy - finds out who he really is (e.g. Vampire) and falls in love.

The difference here, Layla herself is anything but human - she is half Gargoyle and half Demon, yet she struggles with some 'normal teenage problems' and finds out who she really is; pretty cool I think.

To my mind the Author chose interesting new creatures for her story (since I have not known what Gargoyles are), but I know Demons from Supernatural 😍 (there are a few similarities to the TV Series too).
These creatures combined, is something new (at least for me) - and I really like it. 😍 👏🏼

In addition, the story is really very thrilling and there are many twists that one does not expect 😉

Also the characters are all really great 👌🏼, they are different from each other and have strong personalities - which makes them all special.

But my absolut favourite is Roth 😻 💕...he is perfect - Demon, sassy, yet somehow enchanting and soo hot 🙈 - would be great if he was in Supernatural too. 😇 😉

So, if You like Supernatural or just other good Fantasy stories with a touch of romance - I can highly recommend this Book Series!!! 😊

Here are some pictures that give a little look into the Book(s)

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(I think the Song Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon would be a great Title Song for the Books) 😍
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"Your life isn't about all you can't do. It's about what you can do"
- Roth
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How I would Imagine Zayne (Lucas Till)
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Thanks for reading this! I hope you liked it and maybe you have found a new bookseries you're interested in 🙂 (I hope my English was not too bad) ✌

Lots of Love, Aline 😘

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