The feeling of being in lonely is a feel of a black hole. It's sinking in the middle of your stomach, the aching in your soul and the thought that you think you are going crazy. I thought I would never experience this, especially when being in a relationship with someone.
when I spoke my mind, I sounded like I was crazy. I don't wanna sound crazy. I don't want to sound needed nor, repeated.
I know things will get better, little by little. I know she loves me.
I just can't stop this feeling eating me from the inside.
Iv'e never been the jealous type, until now.
But, why?
I want her to enjoy life, make friends, and she wants me to do the same but, iv'e changed into someone I am not.
I feel broken, and I wish I could use duck tape but it will only work for a short amount of time.
please, stay true to who you are.

love, XX