how to start succesful in a new day? easy. good breakfast ist the only right answer.

food is vital for us humans, but we turned it into an enjoyment. that is why there are also tonnes of bad food in the world, which we eat more often then we think. of course this is okay, but just occasionally. because we need the body in which we live in healthy. otherwise life will become a curse.

turn it into a lifestyle. a life with good and healthy food, is a good and healthy life.

detox water

kiwi, drink, and fruit image

wakes you up immediatly, looks fancy and it’s so so good for you.


chocolate, strawberry, and drink image

fresh kick for the day. you can drink it on the way. to save time, prepare it the evening before.


coffee, food, and drink image

cappuccino, latte, iced café, latte macchiato. a blessing.

hot chocolate

chocolate, marshmallow, and food image

why not start with something sweet in the morning.


tea, autumn, and fall image

fruit tea, black tea, green tea… it warms you from inside.


food, nuts, and healthy image

grab yourself a handful of different sorts of nuts and this is enough for the day


avocado, food, and fruit plate image

oranges, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, rasberries bananas, kiwis, mangos. whatever the heart desires.


bread, bakery, and food image
avocado, drink, and food image
food, blueberry, and fruit image

be varied. chocolate is nice. or just some butter. or cheese. or jam. peanut butter of course. seriously i love bread.


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add some fruit, some cereals or nuts. natural yoghurt, blueberry or vanilla. it is your choice


food, breakfast, and porridge image


food, chocolate, and cereal image
cereal, food, and breakfast image

not the healthiest, but so so so good!


breakfast, granola, and chocolate image

chocolate muesli. fruit muesli and milk. fast and delicious.


chocolate, pancakes, and perfect breakfast image
food, pancakes, and breakfast image

who doe not love pancakes? they are easy to make, sweet and delicious. make them in a more healthy way or not. top them with some fruits, Nutella and you’re good to go.


food, waffles, and coffee image

there are also a lot of ways to make them. mix some cacao in the dough. get some honey, maple sirup or/and some fruits and ta-dah, your breakfast.


food, coffee, and croissant image
breakfast and pastry image
food, autumn, and sweet image

running late? get yourself a some pastries and some coffee from the bakery nearby.

xx inside_outside