I want to sleep but don't want to wake up.
i want to dream big but everything is just simply imaginized.
I want to die but at the same time want to breathe.
I want to smile but i cant stop crying rivers.
I want to help but instead i just create chaos after chaos.
I want to be a better person but people in this world just makes me feel so low.
I want to give a certain someone a second chance but whats the point if you know they're going to let you down again.
I want to matter to someone but either way i wouldn't care.
I want to be somebody but what for if all people see is your flaws and their only going to judge and criticize you by them.
I want to make this world a better place but how can i when this world is filled with so much doubts.
I want to stop cutting but how can i when no one is never around or even try to notice whats going on with me.
I want to be of something but how can i? How can i when you keep steering me the wrong way.
I want to get out there but am i ready?
I want you to listen but i don't think i'm speaking clear enough.
I want you to feel the pain i feel but i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
I want stop, i want to stop it all. All the madness,the chaos,the sadness, the depression, the anger,the pain,the criticism,the judging. I want everything to stop because it hurts and i think about it all the time and each time i die a little more inside and become less of a human and more of a waste. i'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for everything you've ever lost but don't worry it wont be long before you lose another part of me.

=') farewell