Sadly we live in a society were people want a lot. People don't get happy with the little things or gifts but want big expensive things. To be honest I really dislike that. Especially when you look at the new generation. Like my little brother of 11 years old. He already has a phone and plays on the newest Playsation.

I love the little things and I like to remind myself of them. So i thought that It would be nice if I told you the little things I enjoy.

There we go!

- Well first off flowers! I love flowers and especially in nature itself. When I see flowers I have never seen before with bright colours. That gives me a smile.

- A good book or movie. I don't really read that much but movies are my heaven. They can play with my emotions so well. When I want to cry I open a sad romantic movie. When I want to laugh I open a comedy movie. It is amazing.

- The same reason for music. Music is such a powerfull thing. It brings people together, makes you happy or sad. It gives you motivation and sometimes even a feeling that you are not alone.

- Rain. I don't know about you but I love rain. Ok I understand that you don't like it when you have a meeting or what so ever. But when you are home or about to sleep, damnn!

- I love fairylight or lights in general. That's why I love it around chrismas time. When you go for a walk or you are on your way back from school or your work and you see all those beautifull light. It is so pretty.

- Going for a walk is also something that makes me really happy. Especially when there is beautyfull nature. Nature is a place I can be myself. It's a place where I can think about everything or clear my mind.

- Kids with a smile. I dont know why but kids that have fun makes me smile. Maybe that is a reason that I am studying to become a teacher. I love them. Just seeing them enjoying the little things aswell.

- The moon and stars. No explanation. Just seeing them so bright at night. They are a proof that even in darkness there is a little bit of light.

- cotton candy. Cotton candy is not something I eat everyday and maybe that is the reason. I eat it when I am outside doing something fun! So it reminds me of the fun things I did.

- The beach. The perfect beach day for me is actually a night. So it's almost dark and a bit chilly, you have to wear a cozy sweater and the sky that looks amazing. Enjoying the sound of water.

These are the things that make me happy. Remind yourself of the little things you love, everyday! I promise it will make you a happier person. Lots of love!